Sarde Morgans
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Greener Pastures

We pay tribute to the Morgans and companions we've loved and lost...

Sarde's Shinedown
(Astronomicallee x AFF Little Liza Jane)
It's always a tragedy when a promising young life is lost.

(June 20, 2002 ~ March 1, 2011)
A grand dog succumbed to chronic kidney disease after a long and stoic battle.

Lady Hot Topic
We regretfully share with our friends that Lady passed over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully on February 15, 2009, and is buried on the hilltop overlooking the farm.

W. Hayden McDougall & Moreover
Grand National Champion W. HAYDEN MACDOUGALL,
owned by Maureen Cartelli.

Joan Rose
Another unfortunate loss from 2008, Joan Rose, who we shared with our good friend Rick Stevens.

AFF Little Liza Jane
Lost after giving birth to her last foal, Sarde's Swagger, Liza left us in the spring of 2014.

Diesel Dozer
(March 2, 2008 ~ May 2, 2009)
Poor Diesel! He was simply too fast for his own good. We miss him terribly.

Shaker's Pedro
A very special friend who came to Sarde to retire and left a legacy of memories.

Sarde's Charade
This beautiful young daughter of CCR's Outrajus Corajus and Sarde's Victoria Anne passed away far too soon...

Care Bear
Gentle Care Bear had been living on his own in the nearby cemetary when we lured him to paradise. He is sorely missed.


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